We are Traffic Ticket Lawyers who represents clients who have received traffic infraction tickets or related issues in the greater Puget Sound area.

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 How you may be able to help us help you.

While our office will take care of things like obtaining discovery or evidence documents that are to be used against you, scheduling appearances, document review, legal research, evidence and case preparation and the like, there are some things that we will need your participation in.  The most important are the various court-mandated deadlines.  Missing deadlines can compromise our ability to assist you.

The first is returning the ticket within 15 days of having received it. (Longer if you got it in the mail) Basically you are telling the court what you want to do: Pay (and let it go to your record), Mitigate (seek a fine reduction but still goes to your record) or Contest.If you have not returned your ticket to the court address on it, keep in mind that it must be date-stamped by the Post Office within two weeks (usually) of the date that you received the ticket. We prefer to speak with you before you send the ticket in, and if you hire us before that date we will send it in for you, but if that is not possible make a copy, mark the original that you want a “contested” hearing, and mail it in. You have now asked for a court date, but you still have to option to pay off the ticket without appearing and at no extra court costs.

Then call us.


If after discussing your matter we reach an agreement on representation, please fill out, sign and return the Fee Agreement and payment as soon as possible. Payment can be made by check, or we can provide a secure link to our card processor, Lawpay, for debt or credit card payments. 

The court will set other deadlines which we must observe, and does not look kindly on them being missed. However, we legally can not begin acting your behalf until the Fee Agreement contract and payment have been received

If your charges include any paperwork issues, such as No Proof of Insurance, No Registration or License on person, please provide any documents which your are asked for promptly.  I have had more than one person have a no insurance charge with a $550 fine found committed because they did not send me the paperwork showing that they had insurance at the time in spite of repeated requests, and which would have gotten the charge dismissed.  We ask for it early, so if it turns out that you do not have the proper paperwork, I can advise you on what documents to ask your insurance company for. 

If we negotiate an agreement that requires that you do a driving class in exchange for a dismissal or charge reduction, please do not wait until the last minute, as an in-person class may fill up, or your internet connection go down the night before the hearing when you have decided to do an online class.  If there are any problems, most judges will not give you more time.  Remember: Murphy was an optimist.

Needless to say, if your address, email, or phone number change, please let us know.[/column_2] [/column_1]

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