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Our main areas of practice are speeding and other traffic infractions such as unsafe lane changes, speed to fast for conditions, red light or stop sign tickets, failure to signal, and innumerable other moving violations (the type that effect your insurance rates.  See more in “Traffic Tickets.”  We also defend criminal traffic violations, such as Reckless Driving, Driving While Suspended, Hit and Run.  Look under “Criminal Traffic, ” Driving Suspended/Unlicensed,” or “Reckless Driving.” What courts to we work in?  See “Courts Where We Appear” for a list of most but not all.  What might it cost to hire us?  See “Fees & Costs.”  Still unsure of what a Traffic Lawyer does and how we can benefit you?  See: “What Representation Means.”  Finally, while once hired we take care of most the process of dealing with your ticket, there are some things that you may still need to do as well under “What is expected of You.”