While our office will take care of things like obtaining discovery or evidence documents that are to be used against you, scheduling appearances document review, evidence and case preparation and the like, However, there are some things that we will need your participation in. Missing deadlines can compromise our ability to assist you.

If you have not returned your ticket to the court address on it, keep in mind that it must be postdated with two weeks (usually) of the date that you received the ticket. We prefer to speak with you before you send the ticket in, but if that is not possible make a copy, mark the original that you want a “contested” hearing, and mail it in. You have now asked for a court date, but you still have to option to pay off the ticket without appearing and at no extra court costs.

Then call us.

If we reach an agreement on representation, please sign and return the Fee Agreement and payment as soon as possible. The court will set deadlines which we must observe, and does not look kindly on them being missed. However, we can not begin acting your behalf until the agreement and payment have been received

Needless to say, if you address, email, or phone number change, please let us know.

Provide any documents which I ask your for promptly.