If you have received a ticket, your best chance of getting a ticket dismissed is to take timely action.  There are deadlines set by court procedure which must be followed.  In addition, it is very difficult for most attorneys to take on a case at the last minute.  We are scheduled to appear weeks and months in advance, so even if we otherwise have what we need to challenge your ticket, we may not be able to physically be in court for your hearing time and date.

You typically have two weeks to return your ticket to the presiding court, longer if the ticket was mailed to you.   It will say on the ticket how long that you have, and the date it was issued is the start date.  On the ticket you can chose an option to pay for it, or mitigate (give reasons to reduce the fine).  In both instances the violation will go on your driving record.  If you select “Contest” you will be sent a court date and offered an opportunity to challenge the ticket.  You can change your mind later and just pay for the ticket at any time up to the hearing date without additional cost.  If short of time you can always select the last option without losing the first two.  If possible, though, you should try and contact your friendly neighborhood traffic attorney before the deadline, or shortly afterward in you must.  If we are to have a chance of successfully challenging your charge, we have other court deadlines that we must also meet, such as those regarding obtaining discovery, or negotiating prior to a hearing