The Law Office of Antone Weber is a Law Firm that represents clients who have received traffic infraction tickets or related issues in the greater Puget Sound area. We provide aggressive legal representation in court, act as your agent in negotiating alternative outcomes to contested hearings, and provide advice and counsel to our clients in the best methods to minimize the potential impact of a traffic infraction violation given your specific circumstances.


A single committed traffic violation can have negative consequences far beyond the cost of the fine on the front of your ticket. Potential impacts could include: increased insurance costs, impact on your employment if you are a professional driver or if your job calls for frequent travel in company vehicles, loss of your license if you are under 18 with an Intermediate Driver’s License, increased costs for failing to address the ticket, or possible Drivers License suspension or revocation.


Going to court for any reason can be a nerve-wracking experience. Anyone has the right to represent him or herself in court, but that right does not automatically translate into knowing how best to do so. By retaining an attorney to represent you, you are able to draw not only on a pool of knowledge and expertise but experience about what may be the best course of action in a particular court, or given your specific circumstances.


Washington State and City Traffic Court procedures can and do vary from court to court. They seldom work as they do in television programs. What is a persuasive argument that may result in a traffic infraction being dismissed can also vary from court to court, and is also subject to change over time. Individual Prosecutor’s Offices also have different procedures, which may effect what can be done about your ticket.


The Law Office of Antone Weber have over 12 years of experience in Washington District and Municipal Traffic Infraction hearings. In most instances, once we have been retained for representation we will take care of any paperwork and with exceptions for Driving With License Suspended charges and possibly Negligent Driving 2 and infractions for Auto Accident cases, you will not need to come to court. Our charges for a case are based on a flat fee, and include all of our costs. However, while we cannot guarantee a result based on past experience, only a few percent of the over 5000 cases that Mr. Weber has personally handled have been found to have been committed as written.


We are experienced in many types of moving traffic violations:

Speeding violations
School Zone tickets
Red light and Stop-sign violations
HOV violations
Following too Close
Speed Too Fast for Conditions
many other moving violations

We also may be able to help with non-moving and equipment violations:

Window-tint violations
Light/Signals out
Seatbelt tickets
No Proof of Insurance
No/Expired License
No/Expired Registration or Tabs

We do address issues related to Commercial Drivers Licenses, and Intermediate Drivers Licenses:

In most cases it is not necessary for a meeting at our offices. Please contact us at 206-816-9110 or fill out the contact form on the “Contact” tab for a free consultation, and we will contact you.