The cost of representation by our office for most Traffic Tickets are based on a flat fee rather than an hourly fee. .

Why a Flat Fee structure?

With an hourly fee a client may have an estimate but no assurance of what their final cost of representation will be. A flat fee, which includes all the attorney’s costs, does provide the client with this certainty. The defendant must pay any fines or other costs due the court, however.

The Law Office of Antone Weber has had over 10 years of experience in Washington District and Municipal Traffic Infraction hearings. In most instances, once we have been retained for representation we will take care of most paperwork (If charged with No Proof of Insurance or Registration issues, you may need to obtain documents for us to submit). With exceptions for Driving With License Suspended charges and possibly Negligent Driving 2 and infractions for Auto Accident cases, you will not need to come to court.
Typical Infraction Fees

Our charges for an infraction case are based on a flat fee, and include all of our costs, including any mailing and travel costs. We charge $250 for a single basic infraction in the King, Snohomish and Pierce County and Municipal courts where we appear, with an additional $50 for each additional charge on the same ticket. We charge $300 for Skagit, Kittitas, Thurston, Lewis, Mason and Kitsap area courts in which we appear, $325 for the Whatcom and Cowlitz areas, also with an additional $50 for additional charges. We have also represented clients in courts from Okanogan to Yakima, Colfax to Ocean Shores, Walla Walla to Friday Harbor. Our fees for these other courts are based on the projected travel time and costs. If you do not see your court listed here, please contact us.

Auto Accident Infraction, Neg 2 and Others

For infraction cases involving a Traffic Accident, Failure to yield to an Emergency Vehicle. or for a charge of Negligent Driving 2, we charge $300 for the three core county courts, $350 to $375 for courts farther out to Whatcom and Cowlitz. This is due to the increased complexity of these types of cases and the possibility of multiple hearings.

DWLS, Reckless Driving

Driving With License Suspended or Reckless Driving charges typically also require several court appearances, and your appearance is mandatory even if you have an attorney. We do charge a flat fee for these types of violations, but the fee will be based on circumstances. Please call for a free consultation.