Antone Weber has over a dozen years experience dealing with traffic tickets.  He was the primary courtroom traffic lawyer for the provider firm for a leading nationwide legal insurance company for over 10 years, and has appeared on over 5000 cases.  Close to 100% were dismissed, reduced or the charge negotiated to a non-moving (non-insurance) violation, with very few found committed as written. 


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A single ticket on your record can cause an increase.  $20 more a month for the three years it will be on your record works out to over $700.   If you have kids on your insurance, if you have a CDL or are under 18, your driving record can be very important to you.  We can help.

We Do Traffic Law

Many people are ticketed for traffic violations that they are unaware even existed.  Others for not fully understanding how a rule is applied.An officer can also make a mistake in how to apply the law.  We know what different judges think, how they apply a rule to a given set of circumstances.  Only experience can provide that knowledge.

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They have trained police. Scientific Speed Measuring Devices.  Experienced Prosecutors.  All with One Aim: to Convince The Judge That They Got It Right.  Shouldn’t You have a Trained Professional in Your Corner?

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We will use our knowledge of the law, experience of how it is applied and familiarity with the courts, judges and prosecutors to secure you the best outcome we can.



(The following is not intended to be nor understood as legal advice)

– Flashing Lights Are Behind You

First, always pull to the right hand lane or shoulder, even if you must work across several lanes of traffic. Just because a police officer is lighting you up does not mean that they are pulling you over.  Give them every chance to pass you by.  If they follow you, then you will know.  Second, failing to move to the right on the approach of an emergency vehicle (Police, Fire, Ambulance, etc…) can net you a fine of $1062.

– Once You Have Been Stopped

Do Nothing.   Do not release your seat belt until the officer has come up to the window and seen that you were wearing it.  We have had many clients who have received a No Seat Belt ticket in addition to their other violation because the officer did not see that they had their seat belt on.

Do not reach into your glove box or center console, dig in your purse or bag, or for your wallet before the officer comes to your window.  Remember that the officer does not know you or if you are a tweaker on meth or just someone on their way to the store for milk.

The best thing to do is to roll down your window and sit quietly with your hands on top of the steering wheel until the officer has had time to come to your window and assess you.  If they ask for your drivers license, registration or insurance paperwork,  tell them where you are reaching to before you do so.

– Interacting With The Officer

The number one rule is to be polite and cooperative.   Keep in mind that the officer is just doing their job and that this is not personal.  The officer does have a legal right to pull you over if they believe that you have committed a violation.  Being argumentative or condescending is not going to benefit you; in fact possibly quite the contrary.



Speeding Tickets

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  • How we can help you with a traffic ticket?

    The cost of a speeding ticket may run far more than the fine. A single speeding ticket may cause your insurance to increase by hundreds to thousands of dollars over the time the ticket appears on your record. And another ticket in that time may multiply the effect. Due to our knowledge of the law and the courts, we have gotten thousands of tickets dismissed outright for our clients. If unable to achieve an outright dismissal, we also negotiate reductions that keep the tickets from your driving record even though you have to still pay a fine.

  • How we can help you with your Commercial Drivers License?

    Commercial drivers know that a single ticket can result in not just a fine and insurance increase, but in unemployment. Commercial drivers are also held to a higher standard than non-commercial drivers, even when driving the family car. We may be able to advise you on the best way to keep a citation from impacting your CDL, we may be able to negotiate on your behalf, and ideally, we will get your ticket dismissed.

  • How we can help you with an Intermediate license?

    Learning to drive is an activity with a steep learning curve and possible dire consequences for mistakes. Experience can only be gained by actually driving on the public roads. For both reasons new younger drivers are kept on a very short leash while learning this complex activity; two tickets can result in the revocation of the privilege to drive. We can help your teenager through his learning curve and become a safe and experienced driver.

  • I have gotten a ticket. What do I do now?

    You typically have two weeks to return your ticket to the presiding court, longer if the ticket was mailed to you.   It will say on the ticket how long that you have, and the date it was issued is the start date.  On the ticket you can chose an option to pay for it, or mitigate (give reasons to reduce the fine).  In both instances the violation will go on your driving record.  If you select “Contest” you will be sent a court date and offered an opportunity to challenge the ticket.  You can change your mind later and just pay for the ticket at any time up to the hearing date without additional cost.  If short of time you can always select the last option without losing the first two.  If possible, though, you should try and contact your friendly neighborhood traffic attorney before then deadline, or shortly afterward in you must.  If we are to have a chance of successfully challenging your charge, we have other court deadlines that we must also meet.

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The Antone Weber Law Office is a Law Firm that represents clients who have received traffic infraction tickets or related issues in the greater Puget Sound area. We provide aggressive legal representation in court, act as your agent in negotiating alternative outcomes to contested hearings, and provide advice and counsel to our clients in the best methods to minimize the potential impact of a traffic infraction violation given your specific circumstances.  We appear in courts in King, Snohomish, Pierce and Skagit Counties, as well as Seattle, Bellevue, Shoreline, Burien, Issaquah, Tacoma, Monroe, Everett, Lynnwood, Edmonds and Arlington.  For a more extensive list, please see the “Courts where we appear” page.



Antone “Tony ” Weber

Tony Weber is a graduate of the Seattle University School of Law. After over 10 years as the primary traffic courtroom attorney for a large firm, he is now engaged in a solo practice. A small practice allows for more individual attention for each client, protecting their driving record and their rights.   For more information on Tony, please see the “About Tony Weber” page


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